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In this most David Lynch-like of episodes — “eps1.3_da3m0ns.mp4” explores the monsters in the things we build in the things we create — and the very monsters that may reside inside of us, especially the hidden ones. After all, isn’t technology modeled after us — imperfect humans? This episode of Mr. Robot is part caper, part psychological horror as we go deep inside of Elliot’s subconsciousness. A major pat of the ongoing narrative revolves around how much of a box we live in — questioning the very meaning of freedom. As Qwerty the beta fish so aptly states: “When you live in a fishbowl, ain’t no such thing as change. My entire life’s been spent in this thing, my whole world’s on your side table. I look around. Same shit, different day. The lighting, the furniture, even the sounds. Always the same. I’m on a loop. And it won’t stop unless my life does. I’m exhausted with this world.” If you like what you hear, please think about rating and reviewing this episode. Thank you!