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Hello, Friend! Do you find it hard to believe that we are already at episode 5 for the third season of Mr. Robot? This episode, called “eps3.4_runtime-err0r.r00”, played as a continuous one-shot. However, as in real life, variable — so many confounding variables — got in the way to challenge Elliot’s plan to roll back the damage he’s done by shutting down the Dark Army plan to implement Phase 2. This all sounds confusing but not when you have big brains like Mr. Robot, Elliot, Tyrell, White Rose, Philip Price, Angela and Darlene all working in one way  or another to advance various competing and sometimes overlapping interests. If you like what you hear, please think about rating and reviewing this episode. Thank you!
Mr. Robot | Season 3 Ep 5 – eps3.4_runtime-err0r.r00