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Just like bubble-headed bro-dude Brandon and Baby James, your fearless hosts of this podcast “always come back.” This time around, we’re here to talk about episode 10 of season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead (“Do Not Disturb”).  From catastrophic wedding to psychopathic teens, we covered much ground. Like last week, we were also introduced to some new — and living (for now) — characters. Ready for a fun ride of a discussion? Listen here. Please rate, review and subscribe to this podcast. #feartwd

Fear The Walking Dead S2 E10 “Do Not Disturb” by AMC

Urine luck! The mid-season premiere of Fear the Walking Dead — Grotesque — gave us a splash of what’s to come for the rest of the season.  Nick’s survival skills were anything but savvy but he made it for at least another episode.  There is some good news in terms of Nick’s unfortunate “choice” of beverage: at least he didn’t have asparagus for lunch. Please rate, review and subscribe to this podcast. #feartwdFear The Walking Dead S2 E8 “Grotesque” by AMC

The mid-season finalize of Fear the Walking Dead — Shiva — was really a missed opportunity this week.  Seems that everyone has had too much of that poisoned pozole to act with any semblance of sound logic. No one came out of this episode looking good, with the exception of the shirtless Strand. Please rate, review and subscribe to this podcast. #feartwd

Whether you like your  Fear the Walking Dead medium-rare or well-done like an Omaha steak on a kerosine grill, “Captive” (S2 E5) was packed full of nutrients — and by “nutrients” we mean really gnarly walker gore. A lot of this episode focused on Alicia and her dim-witted paramour, the not-so-spry Jack.  Strand is busy recuperating from his time out at sea, giving Daniel and Madison full reign of The Abigail. Travis learned that life can be a beach. Alex reappears in a surprising way and she has a lot to say. Nick keeps on keeping on — and Chris, well, everybody still hates Chris. This episode taught us all that hell hath no fury like a hooded walker hostage with an attitude. Please rate, review and subscribe to this podcast. #feartwd

Ring around the rosie for a podcast full of posies! It’s time for our fabulous recap of “We All Fall Down” — episode two of the second season of Fear the Walking Dead brought to you by AMC. In this episode, we had a chance to visit Katrina Island (a stand-in for Catalina Island?!) and meet the freaky Geary family. Strand remains as mysterious as ever. Nick is as sneaky as ever.  Travis, well, he needs to learn that he is not the frightening one in the zombie apocalypse. Madison is not on top of her game but she keeps trying and we even see a cameo from a character introduced in Flight 462. Listen to this podcast recap of what turned out to be a somewhat divisive episode. Please rate, review and subscribe to this podcast.

Time to take a deep dive and wade into our podcast recap of “Monster” — the season two premiere of the fabulous Fear the Walking Dead brought to you by AMC. Will Nick ever stop wearing his Member’s Only style beige jacket? Travis and Madison seem as though they are at odds. Chris is, well, in his own world. And Strand? All he needs to know is that Abigail is his boat.  Listen to our podcast as we discuss this exciting season two opener.
Fear The Walking Dead S2 E1 “Monster” by AMC