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Hello friend, it’s time for popcorn-filled podcast recap of Mr. Robot. This time your fearless co-hosts are here to discuss the 8th installment of season three of this incredibly prescient series. This whole episode is about deletion — deletion of files but also of oneself and things that are unpleasant to us.  Imagine if that was possible in real life! If you have a comment or question, please feel free to email us at thehellofriendpodcast [at] gmail [dot] com. No cosplayers were harmed in the recording of this episode!

Mr. Robot | Season 3 Ep 8 – eps3.7_dont-delete-me.ko

Hello, Friend! Just when you think you can escape the dystopian reality that is 2017, you realize another new episode of Mr. Robot has dropped and you are once again watching an excellent show — but at the same time, you wonder if this episode might be harkening to a near-future reality. We see some familiar faces as this compelling and yet bleak episode came to a crashing end. Is Irving right? Are all revolutions manufactured to take our attention away from larger world events we have little insight into and ability to control? One thing is for sure, Fredrick and Tanya will never find out either way. If you like what you hear, please subscribe, rate or review – and feel free to contact us at thehellofriendpodcast [at] gmail [dot] com. (Who is fsociety?)

Mr. Robot Podcast

Hello, friend. It’s Back to the Future over and over and over again as the sixth episode of this third season of Mr. Robot starts with a dramatic flashback and ends with a bang, well 71 of them. Sometimes the best laid plans all go awry. It doesn’t matter how much Elliot tries, success as well as happiness seem fleeting for him. If you like what you hear, consider subscribing, rating and reviewing. Time for an “Enchantment Under the Sea Dance” as we slip into podcastland.

Mr. Robot | Season 3 Ep 6 – eps3.5_kill-pr0cess.inc


Hello, friend! Welcome to our long-awaited podcast review of Mr. Robot, Season 3 Ep 4 – called eps3.3_m3tadatapar2. If metadata is the story behind the data — then this podcast is the story behind this latest episode of our favorite dystopian drama. In spite of this shady logic, the podcast is great so give us a listen. Please subscribe, rate and review the podcast if you like it — and write us at thehellofriendpodcast@gmail.com. Remember, if you want good ribs — head on over to the Red Wheelbarrow BBQ. Ribs for breakfast, ribs for lunch! Ribs all the time — just in time for part 2 of the 5/9. No voice scramblers were harmed in the recording of this podcast.

Mr. Robot | Season 3 Ep 4 – eps3.3_m3tadatapar2

Faster than a red wheelbarrow on fire, careening down a steep hill — the new season of Mr. Robot started off at a frenetic, red-hot pace and did not slow down the entire time. The series got off to a fast start with the introduction of of a retro-style “Fixer” named Irving (part Columbo, part Harry Tuttle) who seems to be in the employ of the Dark Army and pretty handy with hacking as well as social hacking. Elliot was definitely shot by Tyrell (who is very upset about that fact) and so we see these characters from an all-new perspective. Same goes for Angela, Darlene and Mr. Robot — we get to see all of them in a different light. For podcast co-host Henry, the episode had a lot do do with the sensation of “apophenia” — a word that describes humans’ tendency to try to make order out of unrelated thoughts or concepts. As Irving says, “When we lose our principles, we invite chaos.” Here’s hoping we lost nothing in delivering this review to you of what we both agreed was a fantastic season premiere.


This is our review of the Mr. Robot “Red Wheelbarrow” book. We start going down a a lot of proverbial rabbit holes as we discuss the Red Wheelbarrow book issued by the creators of Mr. Robot. The book is important for understanding Season 2 as well as Season 3 of the series. If you want to get in touch with us about the show or the podcast, please send an email at thehellofriendpodcast@gmail.com.

Negan has made it to the Walking Dead World Series of villains. The Walking Dead — an AMC show everyone (except for the Parent’s Television Council apparently) can sure get behind . The season seven premiere was a real bloody mess — filled with many less surprises than usual but lots more gore. We’re still trying to process everything that happened. After a little hiatus, we’re back with a vengeance. Please subscribe, rate and review us on #iTunes, #Soundcloud, #Stitcher and more. #thewalkingdead

The Walking Dead S7 E1 “The Day Will Come When You Won't Be” by AMC

Take a deep breath. Are you ready for our recap of the amazing season 2 finale of Mr. Robot, called eps2.9_pyth0n-pt2.p7z?  Phase 2 of the plan was mostly revealed though there are still — unsurprisingly enough — a number of unanswered questions. Will Elliot ever be rid of Mr. Robot? What’s with all of those energy glitches? Will Dom and Darlene find common ground? How about Joanna and her master plan — will she succeed? Please rate, subscribe and review our podcast so that people can better discover it. #mrrobot #fsociety

Mr. Robot S2 E012 | eps2.9_pyth0n-pt2.p7z | H3ll0, Fr1end: A Mr. Robot Podcast

Have you ever noticed that Mr. Robot show creator apparently has an affection for fish of all types — including Qwerty the beloved fish. We’re finally ready to share our recap of episode 11 of season 2 of Mr. Robot. As Tyrell says “The Dark Army told me that Stage 2 is ready. When you see it, you’ll be pleased. It worked, Elliot. It’s up to us now. Let me show you.” Listen here for our recap of this pretty mesmerizing episode. Please rate, subscribe and review our podcast so that people can better discover it. #mrrobot #fsociety

Mr. Robot S2 E011 | eps2.9_pyth0n-pt1.p7z | H3ll0, Fr1end: A Mr. Robot Podcast