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In episode 9 of season 4 of Orphan BlackTatiana Maslany continues to mesmerize viewers in her many personas as the Leda sisters. This week, we saw the questionably moral Rachel play a pivotal role. Susan Duncan continues to groom Cosima — and Cosima continues to morph more and more into a mad scientist. Ira manages to survive it all in the midst of so much complexity. Helena made it back to her sisters to save the day and rattle Adele not a little bit.  We even got caught up on the state of Delphine. Poor Felix continues to have his hands full. Please subscribe to the “OrphanCast” feed for more and please feel rate and review the podcast so we show up in those pesky search results, which tend to be driven by exceedingly opaque discovery algorithms.  Get ready, #cloneclub — the season 4 finale recap is coming soon.

At last —  a new episode of the OrphanCast Podcast is ready for your listening pleasure,  #CloneClub.  What did you think of  “The Redesign of Natural Objects”? Our recap of episode eight of season four of Orphan Black presented your fearless co-hosts with many narrative twists and turns to discuss.  We learned more about Ira’s dedication to science, the fact that Mrs. S stuffs her feelings down with multiple cups of tea, and that Rachel is majorly hallucinating — or something. Please subscribe to the “OrphanCast” feed for more and please feel rate and review the podcast so we show up in those pesky search results, which tend to be driven by exceedingly opaque discovery algorithms.  Put that zygote down and listen right now!

Put down that Armani suit right now and hustle on over to this latest episode of the OrphanCast Podcast. Send in the #cloneclub because episode five of season four of Orphan Black — called “Human Raw Material” — had more meat to it than one of Mrs. S’s (Maria Doyle Kennedy) hearty stews. Krystal came back with a bang as she mixed martial arts, healing arts and tabloid exposés on “eyelid teeth ” and whatnot.  We got to see some gnarly revelations about the nefarious Susan Duncan (Rosemary Dunmore) involving her Castor clone “protege” — Ira (Ari Millen). Please subscribe to the “OrphanCast” feed for more and please feel rate and review the podcast so we show up in those search results, which tend to be driven by baroque algorithms, crude like a maggot robot. Please, for the love of all that’s good and holy, Donnie desperately needs your fashion advice.
Orphan Black S4 E05 "Human Raw Material"

Hotter than a lovers’ frittata sizzling on a cast iron frying pan,  it’s time for another podcast recap of the OrphanCast podcast, dear #CloneClub! What did you think of “From Instinct to Rational Control” — episode 4 of season 4 of Orphan Black? We definitely encountered a lot of revelations with clones and characters, old and new. Still haven’t figured out who Dizzy really “izzy” (pun intended). Alison continues to be a driving force in uncovering answers to all our questions. She also has a great singing voice. Poor Helena baffles us with some of her choices, but we love her anyway. Ferdinand is the kind of villain who is hard to despise, though M.K. might see that differently. Please subscribe to the “OrphanCast” feed for more and please feel free to rate and review the podcast so we show up in those complicated search results. Felix wouldn’t want us to mince this recap paragraph any further so we’ll be back next week to discuss the rest of the story, which seems to always leave us with more questions than answers.
Orphan Black S4 E04 "From Instinct to Rational Control"

Hello, there, all you fabulous #CloneClub people! Did you enjoy watching “The Stigmata of Progress” — episode 3 of season 4 of Orphan Black? The story unfolded in several dramatic ways and was filled with comic book store antics, creepy kids, friends and enemies both old and new.  Listen to our podcast recap of this episode as we ponder whether Felix’s new-found family is a clever neolutionist ruse. One thing is for certain: merely watching Helena eating all those snacks was making us hungry. Please subscribe to the “OrphanCast” feed, rate and review. Faster than you can “say robot maggot worm” — we’ll be back next week to recap the rest of the story as it unfolds.

Greetings, #CloneClub. Season 4, Episode 1 of Orphan Black premiered by taking us back to the future. In “The Collapse of Nature” — the Leda clones are full of surprises as we flash fully back to the storyline of BethArtMika as well as some familiar faces, Alison and Cosima.  Even fabulous Felix made an all-too brief cameo. In true Orphan Black fashion, the story unfolded quickly and took us all on a journey of many bizarre twists and turns. Now let’s make like little tadpoles and listen to the Orphancast podcast, dedicated entirely to the story of Orphan Black. Listen right here.
Orphan Black S4 E01 "The Collapse of Nature"